Pa1 - Together for Africa

Helping women to help themselves

We help women in need in Tanzania to find a way out of poverty and oppression.

Location: Steinegg, Tansania
Tax identification number: 94137480219
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Phone: 00393487720034

A sewing school for independence and self-confidence

Tanzania is a beautiful but very poor country in eastern Africa. Many women are exposed to hunger, rape, poverty and oppression.

Our sewing school wants to help this women to build up a new livelihood through independence and self-confidence in order to break free from this spiral of despair.


  • Maria Luisa Kuppelwieser –  president 
  • Vera Vieider – vice president, secretary
  • Julia Lantschner – member, head of the project in Tanzania
  • Barbara Gruber – cashier
  • Marlis Gasser – member


  • Julia Lantschner
  • Madam Aline
  • Madam Neema
  • Zulfa Muharam
  • Anna Joseph
  • Catherina Thomas
  • Jackline Charles
  • Nuru Jafari
  • Neema Patrick

Pa1 - We are a community

As a young girl Maria Luisa dreamed of Africa. But it was her daughter Julia who made this dream come true. Julia made Tanzania the centre of her life. Here she noticed one thing over and over again: Women have less chances in life than men and are often their victims.

This was also Anna Malogo’s experience. Julia took her in, organized a sewing course for her. As a seamstress Anna now earned money herself and was able to feed herself and her children. This example showed Julia how it can work: Namely by helping her to help herself.

This is how Anna became an example. Julia founded a sewing school. And Anna changed from a pupil to a teacher. Pamoja – “We are a community” – became the motto of the sewing school and the association Pa1 was founded in South Tyrol. The initiator Julia Lantschner from Steinegg has been leading the project personally in Tanzania since 2015.


Download: Our constitution

Help us!

Materials, tools, infrastructure and much more are needed to run our school. In order to be able to take on more women and start new training courses, we need all the help we can get. With your donation you help us to further develop this sustainable project and to give our students a future worth living.

Become part of our community and support Pa1 with your donation:

Pa1 – Together for Africa

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Pa1 Projects

Of course, we can’t stop with the sewing project. In order to facilitate independence, the other craft courses in which the women learn pottery and braiding are supplemented by English courses, sex education and information for self-confident behaviour towards men.

School education is very important to us, which is why we support the children of the girls in our centre. We are currently financing the education of three children. From January onwards, 2 girls from the centre will go back to school and graduate.

We support a mother with triplets. After the birth of the children she was abandoned by her husband.
Since she does not benefit from state support, she and her children were threatened by poverty. We finance rent, a nanny and household money.

English lessons

From Monday to Friday the lessons are held two hours a day by our English teacher Neema.

Pottery class

Volunteer Marlis teaches the girls pottery. She shows them the most important techniques to make plates, pots, cups and containers out of clay. We have built a kiln in our garden. Here we burn the clay we get ourselves from a nearby village.

Dyeing fabrics

Every two weeks we dye the fabrics which we use to sew our products. Each time we experiment with new designs, colours and techniques.


We grow different kinds of vegetables and also have many papaya trees in the garden.
It is important for us to work without chemicals. That is why we use natural products and chicken manure.

Animal husbandry

We have 30 chickens that we tend and care for together. The eggs are for sale and for our own use. It is particularly important for us to show the girls how to make money with the chicken too.


Cooking together in the centre is very important to us. So the girls can learn from each other. We mainly try to use the products of our garden.

Dancing and drums

For December we plan a class for traditional dance and drumming.


For November we plan a braiding and crochet class.


We would like to produce our own cosmetic products. Oils for skin and hair care will be produced from October onwards using natural products.

Semi-annual report 2020

Dear friends of Pa1-together,

the time has come to open the computer and finally tell you how our work is progressing. Here you can read our report!

Pa1 Products

Fabrics, bags, sandals and many other items are made during our courses. From the dyeing of the fabrics, the selection of the design, the cutting out of the templates to the sewing of the final products, as well as the printing of the patterns and logos, we go through all work phases step by step.

In the wide range of products manufactured in the Pa1 centre you will also find our bags for every use. We offer them for sale at markets all over South Tyrol and at the Caroma coffee roastery in Völs.

Transparent administration

  • 20.01.2019 – Meeting at Ebenhof
  • 08.03.2019 – Press Conference with Ulrike Oberhammer and Irmi from Caroma
  • 14.03.2019 – Screening of the film Yes, she can in cooperation with the Association for Equal Opportunities at Caroma in Völs
  • 21.03.2019 – Screening of the film at the Filmclub in Bozen/Bolzano
  • 28.03.2019 – Screening of the film in Merano
  • 23.06.2019 – Meeting in Birchabruck
  • 22.09.2019 – Coffee and cake at Ebenhof
  • In autumn – culinary evening with refugees
  • 27.02.2018 – Meeting
  • 21.04.2018 – Meeting
  • 25.07.2018 – Stand at Laurinsnächte in Welschnofen
  • 08.08.2018 – Stand at Laurinsnächte in Welschnofen
  • 21.08.2018 – Stand at Laurinsnächte in Welschnofen
  • 11.09.2018 – Meeting
  • In October – Lecture and presentation of the Pa1 project at the Maria Hueber High School in Bolzano
  • In December – Stand with voluntary donation at the Christmas market
  • In March – Soup sunday with donations for the project
  • 02.06.2017 – Stand at the Hoffest at Ebenhof
  • 01.10.2017 – Coffee and cake for Pa1 at the Ebenhof
  • 03.10.2017 – Lecture about the Pa1 project in the elementary school in Völker Aicha by Julia and Edith
  • In December – Stand at the Christmas market of Steinegg’s charitable women with voluntary donation for the products of the sewing students
  • In December – Stand at the Christmas Theatre of the teather association Steinegg

South Tyrol

Maria Luisa Lantschner

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Julia Lantschner

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